Here we have attempted to bring the most commonly asked questions
regarding the services we provide together. However it may not answer
all your questions, so please feel free to get in contact and we can
answer them for you. So in no particular order:

1Do your Guards have Criminal Background Checks?
Yes, for felony & misdemeanor convictions and/or arrests, and if an employee candidate has a felony conviction, they will be denied employment by CS. Before hiring, we also check prior employers and require character references for employment, and Good conduct.
2Realistically, how quickly can you have a security guard at the location need?
If it is within the areas that we operate, then within 30 Minutes of the call (2017 average was 1hour). If the site is rural or outside the area, then travelling time would need to be factored in.
3How do we renew the contract?
Contracts are renewed automatically unless you request to cancel.
4I do not know how long I will need the Security Guard, how flexible can you be?
CS fully understand that flexibility is key and that if you hired a Security Guard for 8 hours we appreciate that this could go to 10 or 12 hours depending on circumstances and we could accommodate this. Changes to a contract can be made at anytime, 24 hours’ notice would give CS and you the customer , the time to ensure that the changes are implemented smoothly. We also appreciate that 24 hours’ notice is not always possible, in cases of emergency cover etc. The Service Agreement for the provision of a Security Guard can be a one off shift to a set amount of days/weeks/months all year round. Under certain conditions we can provide a stand-by service for a smaller fee, rather than a full time Security Guard.
5What Guarantee do we have that someone will actually turn up?
We are a bespoke Security Company, guards from CS not turning up once or twice would jeopardise our reputation and damage any future business. It is in everyone’s interest that we deliver a high quality service at all times. All CS guards have a proven track record in being punctual and professional, and CS has a ZERO no show record as of 2018. To add to this, when you book one of our guards, we’ll give you our duty operations managers contact detail. So If you have any problems you can contact them in a moments notice anytime night or day.
6Do i or my company need to provide anything?
In an ideal world the company contracting CS would provide the welfare utility. This is a place or a unit (depending on site) where the guards have shelter and access to water, electricity and sanitation.
7What organisations have you worked for?
CS has provided Security guard to construction companies, events companies, private individuals, Funeral, Churches, Wedding, retail stores, community centres and local charities across the Nairobi. Our staff have experience.
8What if a guard is not performing as expected?
Should you have any issues with the guards Performance please feel free to contact your CS representative and they will get in touch with your local area manager who will source another protective Guard.
9Do the data protection act and privacy policy apply to security guarding?
Very much so, and is as key to being looked upon as a reliable and trustworthy contractor.
10Do you provide Consultation Services?
Yes. We will send an experienced CS subject matter expert from our staff to visit your business. Our team will develop a baseline physical security plan, make recommendation, listen to your concerns, evaluate site specific needs and design a security plan specifically tailored to your company, your budget and location.
11What happens if my Company security requirements change?
Our staff and supervisors are trained to be adaptable and take pride in our ability to manage fluid situations quickly. We will reevaluate your situation and make the necessary changes.
12What does a Security Guard cost?
Our rates are constructed taking into consideration your requirements, we conduct a site survey and a risk assessment, the results are put into a report that details how to minimise risk and improve security and safety. Quoting before those fundamental things have been carried out would be just guess work.

If you need to ask anything else please email
info@chillisecurityguard.com or 0718623100  to see how we can help.