Retail Security

Retail properties are continually an easy target for intruders and opportunists, and criminal operating methods are becoming more and more sophisticated with the ability to overcome/disable traditional RFID detection systems. Our security solutions are tailored to protect your stores and their stock and assets from these threats.

Here at Chilli Security, we understand that retail environments are often primary targets and are vulnerable to security threats. As a result, we offer services such as the provision of security guards and monitoring devices which are highly effective methods of keeping your retail environment safe and secure.

Our fully trained guards will keep your employees and customers safe – as well as putting measures in place to protect your property and assets as far as is possible. Our security guards are all highly trained. We currently work with a broad spectrum of retail clients across the Nairobi.

We provide both static and mobile retail security guards, as well as professional and discreet store detectives, and have specialist training in dealing with retail security threats. We also provide key holding and emergency response services to ensure the highest levels of security for your retail environment.

Our retail security provisions are the best in the industry and we can create bespoke security solutions to reflect your requirements. Get in touch with the experts at Chilli Security Services who will advise you. We are Nairobi-based and operate nationwide, so can offer a solution wherever you are.